May 2016 California Car Donations Update

’89 Toyota Celica in San Francisco. ’05 Chrysler PT Cruiser in Los Angeles ’09 KIA Spectra in Los Angeles. ’04 Honda Pilot in Los Angeles. ’97 Chevy Pickup in Los Angeles. ’97 BMW 318 in San Mateo CA. ’98 Toyota Camry in Culver City CA. ’94 GMC pickup in Huntington Beach CA ’97 BMW 318i […]

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The More Generous Gender? Study Says Men More Likely to Make a Car Donation in Los Angeles Than Women

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley and University of Chicago recently conducted a study to find out which gender is more likely to donate to charity. Unfortunately for women, there are some indications that the male gender could be more open to the idea of giving, such as making a car donation in Los […]

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Donate Your Car in Los Angeles

It’s a great time to donate your car or vehicle¬†that’s useless and just sitting around collecting dust! There are many advantages to donating a car, just a few are: 1. You help a charity to continue providing the valuable services to your community 2. You get rid of a car you don’t want. 3. You […]

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