Donate Your Car in Los Angeles

It’s a great time to donate your car or vehicle¬†that’s useless and just sitting around collecting dust!

There are many advantages to donating a car, just a few are:

1. You help a charity to continue providing the valuable services to your community
2. You get rid of a car you don’t want.
3. You get a tax write-off for the value that the car sold for at auction


Why use Harold’s Car Donations for Charity to donate it?¬†

1. We tow the vehicle from where ever it is for free
2. We detail every vehicle that comes in so that it looks better at auction
3. In many cases we will even repair vehicles to significantly increase the selling price. This gives you a higher tax deduction and the charity more money to help with their cause.
4. We make sure all the DMV paperwork is done right for you.


So if you live in Los Angeles, or you just want to Donate a Car to a Charity in the Los Angeles area, please call us so we can help you and the charity get the most out of your much needed and appreciated donation!


Donate your vehicle today! It’s great car-ma… ;-)



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