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to a Charity of Your Choice!

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We pick up donated cars, trucks, vans, boats and RV’s in major cities all over America. Some vehicles are dismantled in an Eco-friendly manner, others are reconditioned and sold on the

Donated BMW

secondary auto sales market. Either way your donation helps charities all over, stimulates your local economy and you receive a tax write-off!

Donating a vehicle to charity is a win-win-win situation!

Donated vehicles are usually picked up in 24-48 hours.

Want to know about the car donation process in California? Check out How to Donate a Car in California.


Our extensive experience in handling car donations since 1997 make the process very simple for you and your chosen charity. We can pick up cars throughout California as well as most parts of the entire US and Hawaii. It doesn’t matter if your car is in great condition, has mechanical problems, or is a complete wreck, we can handle it. If your car failed a smog check, your title is lost or various other DMV problems, we can handle it.

Call us to donate your car today and we’ll handle everything.

  • A tow truck makes an appointment to pick up your car, truck, van, boat or RV
  • We handle the certificate of ownership and at the same time the release of liability gets filed, which protects you from all legal liability from that point in time
  • The vehicle then gets evaluated to determine if it will be cost effective to have any needed repairs done
  • Most cars receive a full detail which normally substantially increases value and selling prices
  • You receive required IRS tax forms you’ll need when your file your tax return

You receive the satisfaction of knowing your car, truck, van, boat or RV will help others! It may even get a new home and a new life. From our end, we gain great satisfaction in knowing we were able to help you to help a disabled child receive assistance in the form of a new wheel chair, a set of crutches, therapy or even housing and various

Toyota Camry donated in California

activities. The proceeds from your car, if you specify, can go toward helping the environment in such matters as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Your could be helping provide housing and different programs for the elderly if you choose, or help any of several churches or various denominations. All of these charities are also registered and regulated by the California Attorney General.

With government cutbacks, your donation is more important than ever before. Another benefit of donating a car over selling yourself is eliminating the need to have strangers come to your home. And the possibility of the buyer returning if something goes wrong with the car. Plus the time and expense involved in advertising, meeting a potential buyer, negotiating, and the legal requirement that the seller provides a valid smog certification. ALL of this is eliminated when you donate. You get rid of your car, truck van, boat or RV quickly and it is done.

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