Donate Car San Francisco California

Having spent the first few years of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, I retain a special fondness for this area and greatly enjoy every chance I have to return. We do very well with the donated vehicles in this area. Most vehicles get fully detailed which greatly increases value and selling price. Many get repaired as needed which often tremendously increases selling price which not only gives the charity more money for the car, but the donor also gets a greater tax deduction which is allowed by the IRS.

We have charities we work with in the Bay Area, but you can also chose from other charities located throughout the state.

  • Your car gets picked up by a tow truck
  • We handle all DMV paperwork including the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability. What this does is releases you from all legal liability for the car from that point on.
  • Towing is always free.
  • Your car gets evaluated to determine how it will best be handled for maximum profit. Our 25 years experience in the car repair business gives us the ability to do this which is one of our main advantages over other car donation services. It is our job to get the most out of your car so the charity can best help their communities and you get the highest tax deduction possible.
  • After the car is sold, we handle any required DMV forms needed for your tax deduction. 

We can handle car donations over the entire San Francisco Bay Area not to mention all of Southern California if your car happens to be there. In fact, we actually service the entire state and can even handles donations from other states.

Is your car in some other state? No problem, we can handle most of the US and Hawaii.

  • If your car has failed a smog check, this is not a problem, at all. Donate it and put an end this problem.
  • If your car has mechanical problems, no problem.
  • If your car is wrecked or completely totaled, not a porblem, we even get top dollar for wrecks.


Some advantages to donating as opposed to selling yourself:

  • No advertising expenses and having strangers coming to your home and the possibility of having the buyer come back of something goes wrong.
  • California law requires the seller provide a current smog certificate. 

  • You get the satisfaction of helping the less fortunate for furthering a worthy cause.

You could be providing a disabled child with a wheel chair, housing or therapy, or you could providing housing and meals for the elderly. We have several churches and temples for you to choose from that provide to various denominations. Just let us know which charity you would like us to help on your behalf. We are authorized by the California Attorney General to handle car donations and bonded in accordance with California law.

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