Donating a Car is Easy

Donating a Car in California is Easy!

  1. Call or email us to arrange pickupService to help people donate their car to charity
  2. We arrange to send a tow truck (towing is always free to you)
  3. We handle all DMV paperwork at time of pickup including Release of liability
  4. Your car gets evaluated to determine if repairs will be cost-effective. Improvements to your vehicle resulting in increased value and higher selling price also benefits you with a higher tax deduction (sometimes more than triple) as allowed by the IRS
  5. Most cars receive full-detailing which increases eye-appeal and selling price
  6. After car is sold, your tax forms arrive by mail
  7. You get rid of an unwanted car and the satisfaction of helping others, and you pay less  income tax
  8. Everyone wins!

That’s pretty much it! But if you would like to see the exact step-by-step process click below:

Step-by-Step process to Donate a Car in CA


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