May 2016 California Car Donations Update

’89 Toyota Celica in San Francisco.

’05 Chrysler PT Cruiser in Los Angeles
’09 KIA Spectra in Los Angeles.
’04 Honda Pilot in Los Angeles.
’97 Chevy Pickup in Los Angeles.

’97 BMW 318 in San Mateo CA.

’98 Toyota Camry in Culver City CA.

’94 GMC pickup in Huntington Beach CA

’97 BMW 318i in Roseville CA

’98 Honda Accord in San Ramon CA.

’74 Mercedes 450SLC in San Juan Capistrano CA

’02 Ford Explorer in Torrance CA

’96 Toyota Camry in Alhambra CA

’97 Toyota Camry in Tustin CA

’90 Nissan Pickup in Torrance CA

’94 Toyota Camry in Westminster CA

’99 BMW 528 in Redondo Beach CA

’02 Mitsubishi Lancer in Lakeforest CA

’93 Buick Century in Pasadena CA
’00 Nissan Altima in Pasadena CA

’92 Honda Accord in Gardena CA
’00 Toyota Sienna in Gardena CA

’09 Ford F450 in Santa Fe Springs CA

Call us if you are in interested in giving your car away. Think of helping and getting a tax benefit in return!

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