Charity Testimonials

With the work we do, there are many testimonials from the charities we help.

We have compiled just a few of the reviews below from some charities we work with and we are extremely proud to be able to put their testimonial words on our website!

Harold has been processing our vehicle donations for about 14 years. Our vehicle donation program runs smoothly and has raised significant funds for our programs and services. Harold is fast, friendly, helpful and accommodating; he is always available to answer questions and address concerns. There are some shady characters in the business of car donations, but Harold is a great, honest guy.

Los Angeles

We have only been working with Harold for a short time but, already, are extremely impressed with him and his company’s level of professionalism, service, and backup. He has successfully found a way to circumvent even the problems of our own overloaded staff, to speed up the process, which we appreciate enormously! Additionally, we are very happy with how he handles the people who donate vehicles as he makes it so easy for them to do so – handles the pickup, all the paperwork, and just takes any reasons not to do it off the line. He has set it up so that it is an absolute win-win for our non-profit, and our donators, and his work is helping to make it possible for us to accomplish our mission statement – a healthy, habitable, aesthetic planet where all life can flourish and prosper.

Los Angeles

We are a Christian Para-Church Organization.  We have worked with this company since 1999.  The company was referred to us by another non-profit organization.  Harold is the most helpful and honest business person I have ever partnered with. He has even assisted us in evaluating donated automobiles for our missionaries when they return home for short periods. He has partnered with other companies throughout the country for donations from other states which has expanded our donor base.

Los Angeles[/quote]

We have been using Harold’s services for over 14 years. It has been a tremendous help as it has generated additional support for our organization. Harold is courteous, professional, and committed to our agency which is key to having a successful vehicle donation program. Returning and referred donors say it all.

San Francisco

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